Kinship Care Celebration Day: Ridley & Hall launches a video celebrating how one young man’s life was changed by Kinship Care

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To mark Grandparents Plus Kinship Care Celebration Day, Ridley & Hall have launched a video celebrating how one young man’s life was changed by Kinship Care.

This is the story of Charles. He was born in England. His mother’s care was fine but she couldn’t  remain in the UK. He was initially cared for by a friend after she had to leave but without anyone locally with Parental Responsibility, Charles ended up in foster care. He might have stayed in foster care for a long time but his aunt from Uganda stepped in. With the court’s permission after lots of legal hard work he moved to Kampala to live with his sister, and his mother’s family.

His mother sorted out her paperwork and eventually after 7 years he was reunited with his mother. He’s now thriving in college in Canada!

“Without Kinship Care, Charles life might have taken a very different direction. He’s known life in three very different countries, and now has great opportunities. It couldn’t have happened without his aunt coming forward,” commented Nigel Priestley.

Kinship Care Celebration Day

The celebration day is an event Grandparents Plus hold annually to celebrate kinship carers and the children they have stepped in to raise.  This year the annual celebration day took  place on Saturday 6th October. They held 4 events at locations across the country. at:

  • Eureka! Halifax
  • Gulliver’s World, Warrington
  • The Science Museum, London
  • The Alnwick Garden

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