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Care Home Fees (Residential and Nursing Care)

The cost of care home fees is usually dependent on location and care needs.

On average the annual cost of residential care in the West Yorkshire and Humber region is £25,500 however this can rise to £34,500 if nursing care is also required.

You will be expected to contribute to the cost of your care even if you are in the home temporarily. As your stay is temporary your home will not be counted as capital.

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Ways of funding care in a care home

Local Authority Social Services

Your Local Authority is responsible for arranging funding for people who are assessed as needing care in a care home and needing assistance with funding. If you do not meet the criteria for needing care, the Local Authority are not under an obligation to provide financial support.pound sign

If you do meet the criteria a financial assessment of both capital and income will be undertaken to calculate the individual’s contribution towards the cost of their care.

If you live in the UK and have over £23,250 in capital (this includes your home, savings and investments) you will be assessed as being able to meet the full costs of your care.

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If you are assessed as having below £14,250 you will get maximum support although you will need to contribute from your income less £23.50 for personal expenses.

If your capital is between £14,250 and £23,250, you will contribute £1 per week for each £250 of capital between these two figures.

For couples only the partner requiring care should be means tested and only half your pension/joint savings should be taken into account.

After you permanently move into a care home, there is a 12 week disregard in respect of your property.

Your home would not be counted as capital if your spouse or civil partner resides there, a close relative over the age of 60 or incapacitated resides there, a dependant child resides there or an ex-spouse/civil partner resides there and they are a lone parent.


NHS Continuing Care covers the costs of the nursing element (including medical care, personal care, living costs and accommodation costs) of any care that a person is assessed as needing, which is provided in a nursing home or at the individual’s care heart

Eligibility depends on the type of illness (based on its nature, complexity, intensity and unpredictability) not on the care needs.

There is a comprehensive assessment of physical, mental, psychological and emotional needs by NHS multi-disciplinary team however the tests are extremely stringent and difficult to clearly define.


  • From savings/investments
  • Deferred payment schemes
  • By renting our your home and using rental income to pay your fees
  • Equity Release schemes
  • Selling your home
  • Care fee annuity

We do not advise you to transfer your assets in to the names of others as it is against the law to transfer ownership of an asset to another person specifically to avoid paying care home fees. Your local authority has no time limit as to how far back it can go to find out if you have given away an asset in order to avoid having to pay care home fees.


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  • We found the service you offered excellent.  It was extremely friendly, clear and concise, and the communication was informative and speedy with a minimum of fuss.  Sympathetic in the circumstances too.  P.S. Girls on reception – totally lovely, very personable and helpful.

  • All work carried out to our complete satisfaction. Thank you.

  • Jill was very kind and friendly making me feel at ease!

  • I would like to thank the both of you for your help with this matter. I did not realise what being an executor entailed. I know that things like this are an every day part of your jobs, and probably other wills are more complex. Again, though, thank you very much.

  • Jill dealt with us and helped a lot by explaining clearly.  She was very kind to two old people!

  • A first class service, professionally executed in an efficient and timely manner.  A perfect service – so improvements not applicable.

  • The initial appointment was excellent. We were very impressed at being able to have a home visit. Jill was clear, patient and understanding at this sensitive time.

  • As always, very happy with the service from Ridley & Hall. Jill is very professional and efficient in dealing with our wills. We have recommended her to our parents.

  • I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have done recently on behalf of me and my late mother. You activated the power of attorney my late mother had set up some years ago, you organised with a colleague the sale of her home and, latterly, you sorted out the probate on her estate. I’m hoping that I won’t have the need of your services again, in the near future anyway, but I do appreciate your expertise and the very friendly and personal way in which you have handled these matters.

  • To all who were dealing with my mother’s estate, I just want to thank you for all the support you have given me throughout from my mother making this Will with you. It has been a very difficult situation to have been in all these years, trying to get people to listen to me but I got there in the end and you were the people who actually listened.

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