Testamentary Capacity Disputes

To ensure that a Will is valid and is not likely to be contested the Will maker (called the testator) must have “testamentary capacity”.  This means that they must be capable of understanding what they are saying in a Will and they must also understand what actions it will set in motion.

If you want to contest a Will because you are concerned that the Will maker did not have testamentary capacity (for example because they were suffering from dementia) the experts here at Ridley & Hall can represent you.  We understand that cases of this nature are sensitive and often involve difficult family situations and we always work sympathetically with a focus on cost effective solutions.

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What is Testamentary Capacity?
Someone has testamentary capacity as long as they understand:

  • That they are making a Will.
  • What assets are being dealt with by the Will.
  • What claims could potentially arise from the contents of the Will.

The Will maker must not have been influenced in a way that amounts to coercion, and they must not be suffering from a condition which removes or hinders their ability to understand their decisions.  It is important to be aware, however, that a Will maker does not have to leave any part of their estate to family members. Judges are reluctant to set aside Wills and will need to be satisfied by very clear evidence that the Will maker lacked capacity at the relevant time.

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