Professional Negligence Claims

Sometimes problems can arise when a Will has been badly drafted by a solicitor, financial adviser or will writer and this can result in an outcome which was not that anticipated by the deceased.  Sometimes bad advice from a professional can lead to someone taking action (or not taking action) which then causes them or their family financial loss after their death.

Claiming for the Negligence of a Professional
If a professional has acted or failed to act with a reasonable degree of skill and competence then they may have breached their duty of care.  If that breach of duty can be proved to have caused financial loss then a claim for professional negligence may arise – but these cases are complex. It is important to check:

• That the person who drafts your Will has insurance to cover professional negligence.
• When the negligence became apparent.  There is a time limit of 6 years which means that a claim must be brought either within 6 years of the negligent event or within 6 years of discovering the negligence.

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