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Ridley & Hall’s Child Care & Adoption Team has many years of experience, as well as a local and a national reputation for its work in the complex field of child care law.

Our experienced child care team understand that when social workers become involved with your family, it can be a scary and overwhelming time.  It can also be confusing. Our specialist team will guide you through the process, providing advice, assistance and explanations along the way. We will listen to your concerns and use our knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved for your children.

We are able to provide advice in relation to:

We have represented families across the country in care proceedings. Distance is not an issue. Getting the right results for carers is the most important consideration, so that both the child and the carers are supported.

Equally, we will fight vigorously for the rights of children whatever their circumstances.  James Cook, Nigel Priestley and Samantha Sanders are all on the Law Society children panel, which entitles them to represent children as well as adults in all types of family proceedings.

Increasingly, grandparents, other relatives and friends are playing a vital role in the life of children. Many are prepared to put themselves forward as carers for a child who has been removed by the local authority from the parents care. It is vital that these kinship carers voices are heard within proceedings as well.

We have strong links with Family Rights Group, the Grandparents Association and a number of other local and national support organisations.

People who are involved in care proceedings, including parents and carers with parental responsibility, can get public funding (legal aid) to pay their solicitor’s fees. You can get this however much income or capital you have.  If you are not a parent or do not have parental responsibility we can assess you to see if you do qualify based on your income and merits.

Whenever social workers are involved with your family it is important that you seek the right legal advice.  Contact our child care team now on 01484 538 421 or email at

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If you are able to provide specific details of your particular issue, along with any hearing dates and local authority involvement, it can help us respond more clearly to your enquiry. If so, please click the button above to complete our free detailed enquiry form.

What our clients say

  • "We just wanted to thank you both for all your help and for everything you’ve both done so far at such short notice. Nigel you’re a legend you were amazing yesterday, thank you for putting us both at ease and all your help making sure Cohen stays with us. Helen your position statement was just excellent and we both can’t thank you enough."

    20 December 2018
  • "We would like to thank you for everything you have done Nigel. You made it memorable for us"

    24 October 2018
  • "It was a pleasure to work with Sarah & Nigel. They were always available when I needed to talk to them"

    25 March 2018
  • "Ours was a complex case. We felt completely secure in the hands of Nigel Priestley and Sarah Brown. The outcome was the best possible given the circumstances. We would recommend them unreservedly and have done so already. Thank you!"

    10 January 2018
  • "It seems from speaking to other families in a similar situation that Ridley and Hall are one of the very few firms all be it with adoption disruption so I’d say plenty of room for outreach and training to other firms, but aware Nigel is already a spokesman. Grateful to have found you"

    29 September 2017
  • "We are so pleased we found Nigel & Sarah. At last we found professionals who understand the situation and stood up for us. The knowledge & understanding of both Nigel & Sarah puts a lot of social workers to shame! It was lovely, and a relief, to have someone believe in us."

    27 September 2017
  • "It all went really well I was expecting the LA to be difficult as they had employed a Barrister. A big thank you to Nigel Priestley and  Sarah Brown from Ridley & Hall Solicitors for your advice and understanding."

    28 July 2017
  • "Nigel, an enormous thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped two wonderful families, both Julie & Sam. Thank you for making your way down to Worcester again. If my referrals are getting too much please let me know."

    20 July 2017
  • "From the very first day I approached Ridley & Hall, I dealt with Nigel and everything no matter simple questions from myself to bigger issues have been resolved with the utmost sensitivity and understanding."

    24 July 2017
  • "I just want to thank you for everything you’ve done for my family Laura. If it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be on drugs, without Noah. Without him I had nothing to live for, I know that sounds dramatic but it’s true. You are so important to all of us. Thank you so so much."

    25 June 2017

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