Huddersfield Lawyers over in Uganda providing expertise and support

 In Charity, Nigel Priestley, Ridley & Hall, Ridley & Hall Solicitors

Nigel Priestley and a team of lawyers from Huddersfield have been training lawyers in Uganda. Nigel helped to set up the award winning Twinning Link between Huddersfield Law Society and the Uganda Law Society.

The Training has dealt with office and business management skills. Over 300 delegates attended the 2 day training.

Commenting Nigel Priestley said “When we first began the training we were delighted that over 3 days 70 plus people came! The turnout reflects the recognition that this is a unique course. My colleagues included 2 who had never been and one who hadn’t been for over 10 years.

We met some remarkable lawyers facing issues we have little experience of. There is a significant concern about corruption and threats to the rule of law. It was important to listen, share and recognise we don’t have all the answers!”uganda-collage-16