New Year…New Will?

So the decorations are down, the diets have started and your New Year’s Resolutions have been made. But when you were thinking about the coming year ahead, was getting your personal affairs in [...]

Wills – Reforming the law for the Twenty-First Century

Much of the law that applies to wills in this country was made in 1837.  Time for a review perhaps?  The Law Commission certainly thinks so. On 13 July, the Commission outlined proposals to [...]

Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best

Every three minutes one person in the UK is diagnosed with Dementia. ( Of course, no one likes to think about their [...]

Massive hike in Probate fees

Despite overwhelming opposition from lawyers and other sectors the government is pushing ahead with a new fee structure for probate application fees. The increases are subject to Parliamentary [...]

86% of people in Yorkshire leave life-changing decisions in the hands of strangers

Alarming new report reveals people in Yorkshire and the Humber are leaving major decisions about housing, assets and care to chance There are only 39% of people with a will vs. only 7% with an [...]

Celebrating more than just Christmas at Ridley & Hall

Ridley & Hall are extremely proud to announce that two of its members of the Private Client department have just been awarded Full Accredited Member status of Solicitors For the Elderly [...]

We Remembered Them… and hope we did them proud

In order to commemorate Remembrance Day this year, Ridley & Hall chose to help and support veterans, currently serving members of all the armed services and their families, both nationally [...]

‘What’ on Earth are Testamentary Dispositions?!

When making a Will you need to consider the 4 Ws – ‘Who, What, Why and When’. Hilary Sisson, Paralegal in the Wills & Probate department at Ridley & Hall has considered the [...]

Dementia Myth Buster

Dementia is a medical condition that causes confusion for those diagnosed and for their carers and loved ones. There are many myths out there about the condition and also what it means in [...]

When Should You Review Your Will?

It is always important to have a Will but it is equally important to review your Will. At Ridley & Hall we always recommend that you review your Will every couple of years to ensure it still [...]

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