Adoptive Parents and the Misuse of Section 20

What do adoptive parents do when they realise they simply can’t continue caring for their damaged adopted child? They turn to the local authority for help. Too often the local authority places [...]

The Harsh Reality for Some Parents who Adopt Children from Care

The first study of adoption breakdown in Wales has laid bare the horrific experiences of some parents who adopt children from care Commenting, Nigel Priestley, who was a member of the Advisory [...]

Adoption Rates in Freefall after Court Ruling Leaves Children Languishing in Unsuitable Homes

The government and the courts have been in conflict over adoption for months. The decision in re B-S (children) [2013] eventually lead to Sir Martin Narey issuing a mythbuster about what the [...]

Adoption Support Fund Made Available From Today

Sally Donovan, adoptive mother of 2, and Hugh Thornberry were on BBC Breakfast this week to talk about the importance of the Adoption Support Fund. A report by Adoption UK in 2012 showed that [...]

Family Drug and Alcohol Court is Coming to West Yorkshire

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC) was launched in January 2008 in the Inner London Family Proceedings Court to deal with families within Camden, Islington, Westminster, Hammersmith and [...]

68 Is Too Late!

Older employees face increased risk of accidents at work. We know as a society we are all living longer.  As life expectancy increases it is becoming more common for employees to be working past [...]

President of the Family Division’s Anger at Legal Aid Cuts

The President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, was faced with a case where the parents wanted to oppose the removal of their child from their care and place him for adoption.  In [...]

“Stalinist” Response to Groundbreaking Report Which Challenges Government Approach to Adoption

On Wednesday 9th April 2014, the Department for Education launches a groundbreaking report on adoption. The University of Bristol was commissioned to report on adoption breakdown. The report’s [...]

Adoption Activity Days – a Solution for an Adoption Crisis?

Following a recent Channel 4 documentary about adoption and in particular ‘Adoption Activity Days’, there has been a lot of media coverage about this highly controversial concept which brings [...]

Adopted Children Missing Out on Mental Health Treatments

Common disorders, such as ADHD or conduct disorder, are being ‘grossly under-identified’ amongst adopted and fostered children, according to a new study by King’s College [...]

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