Chesterfield Carer Settles Court Challenge with Derbyshire County Council

A Chesterfield family and friends carer has settled a court challenge against Derbyshire County Council at the door of the court! The settlement means that she will be paid almost £500 per week [...]

Court Settlement to Support Twice Winning Kinship Carer

A court action brought on behalf of two children, aged 4 and 8, has been successfully settled against troubled Rotherham. The action was started in relation to Rotherham’s decision not to provide [...]

Manchester Grandmother Receives Out of Court Settlement for Support

A 63 year old grandmother has received £4,400 from Manchester City Council in an out of court settlement in a battle to get support for her grandchildren. In 2007 the grandmother took on the care [...]

“It’s the Best Christmas Present Ever” – Grandparent Carers Win Court Battle Against Walsall in Fight for Support

Grandparents who were asked by Walsall Social Services to care for their grandchild have won a long battle for support in the Birmingham Administrative Court. Mr and Mrs P were asked to look [...]

Tick Tock – The Time is Now for Family Members

“There is no time like the present” is an old saying but it could not be more appropriate for family and friends carers and the support groups that work with them. Frequently when [...]

Aunt Wins £11,000 from Sefton Council to Care for Children

An aunt from Southport has been paid almost £11,000 from Sefton after she had two children placed with her by the council. Their mother had died and the father was deemed unable to care for them. [...]

Judge gives grandma the right to challenge Derbyshire County Council’s residence allowance policy

A high court judge has given a 67 year old Derbyshire grandmother permission to challenge a key policy of Derbyshire County Council. The grandmother has been caring for her grandson who is now 13 [...]