The Ilott v Mitson Decision – Adult Children and Inheritance Disputes Briefing Note

The long running case of Ilott v Mitson has encouraged many adult children to investigate whether or not they can bring a claim against a deceased parent’s estate. The final decision has today [...]

Charities Fight Will Fraud Case

A court has heard that an elderly woman is accused by four charities of fraudulently obtaining an inheritance of £1.6 million from her childhood friend. Hazel Turner is accused of misleading [...]

Ridley & Hall Celebrates Double Accreditation

The 2015 Legal 500 rankings have been announced and Ridley & Hall is pleased to be named as the highest ranking law firm in Huddersfield in all the categories it was nominated for, as well as [...]

Happy Families? Moving in with Mum

Living on your own can be lonely, especially as you grow older. For many families the logical answer is that an elderly parent sells their home and moves in with one of their adult children. But [...]

The Estate That Jack Built – Millionaire Widow Claims More Money From Her Late Husband’s Estate

The recent high profile case of Dellal v Dellal concerns Ruanne Dellal, the widow of the millionaire property dealer, Jack Dellal, making a claim against his estate under the Inheritance [...]

Divorcing? Beware the Death Trap!

Divorce is not the end of the world; death is.  If you are divorced – or are considering a divorce – then there are three things that you need to consider in relation to your estate [...]

New ‘Guardianship’ Law to Help Families of Missing People

The Presumption of Death Act, which received royal assent in May 2013, put in place the legal framework to enable families of someone who has gone missing to obtain a certificate of presumed [...]

“Whaddya Mean?” – Interpreting a Will

Joan Edward’s Will has received widespread media coverage over the last few days. She passed away last December, aged 90 having bequeathed £520,000 to “whichever government is in office in their [...]

Inheritance Disputes – The Dementia Timebomb

In the UK some 800,000 people are living with dementia; over 64,000 in our region.  Rising property prices, the baby boom and the wealth of the over 50’s have led to an increase in inheritance [...]

Presumption of Death Bill Becomes Law

A new law has come into force that offers hope to families of those who have gone missing. The Presumption of Death Bill received Royal Assent on 26th March and is now an Act of Parliament which [...]

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