The Wicked Stepmother Strikes Again … ?

A wealthy retired insurance broker in his 80’s who has dementia, has recently been the subject of court proceedings relating to whether or not he has the mental capacity to marry. The man, a [...]

Responsibilities of an RPR – the right role for you?

I recently received a telephone call from an 80 year old lady who was the ‘Relevant Persons Representative’ (RPR) for her daughter. She had no idea of what that role entailed or how she had come [...]

Dispelling the myths of the Court of Protection

It’s a fair assumption that unless you’ve been involved in a case in the Court of Protection, you may never have heard of it. After all, the cases which are heard in the Court of Protection are [...]

Making “Bad” Decisions: Capacity and the Court of Protection

Think about some of the really important decisions that you have made throughout your life.  Have they all been really sensible and thought through?  Have you ever regretted a choice that you [...]

Attorney Steals £30,000 from 95 year old Living with Dementia

In a recent judgment, a court has found that a 95 year old woman from Oldham with dementia was the victim of financial abuse by her niece’s husband, Colin. The woman, identified only as Alma was [...]

Dispute Over Control of Elderly Father’s Finances Ends up in Court

When family members disagree about who should look after the finances of their vulnerable relative, the court may be more inclined to appoint a professional to act as a deputy, as a recent Court [...]

New Year Resolution for Adopters – Make a Will!

I sat with Alison as we talked about her 19 year old son. She was in despair about his behaviour and the way he was treating her and her husband. He had been adopted at 6 years old but his [...]

Woman Who Wanted Life to Sparkle Allowed to Refuse Medical Treatment

A woman who was allowed to refuse medical treatment, after having been found to have capacity to do so, has died. The woman, known only as C was the subject of court proceedings in the Court of [...]

Court Rules Suicidal Woman Mentally Capable to Refuse Medical Treatment

In a groundbreaking case before the Court of Protection this month a 50 year old woman has been found to be mentally capable to decide to refuse medical treatment. An 8-hour hearing took place on [...]

‘Repugnant and Callous’ Son Removed as Mother’s Attorney

A court has removed a son as attorney for his elderly mother after he withdrew £117,289.45 of her money to cover his ‘out of pocket expenses’. Within this, he had ‘billed’ his mother at a rate of [...]

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