Silver Splitters and Will Disputes

A trend of older couples splitting up could see a rise in will disputes, according to Sarah Young, a disputed wills specialist with Ridley & Hall Solicitors. The number of over 60’s divorcing [...]

Inheritance Disputes – the Dementia Time Bomb

In the UK some 800,000 people are living with dementia; over 64,000 in our region.  Rising property prices, the baby boom and the wealth of the over 50’s have led to an increase in inheritance [...]

Happy Families? Moving in with Mum

Living on your own can be lonely, especially as you grow older. For many families the logical answer is that an elderly parent sells their home and moves in with one of their adult children. But [...]

Landmark Ruling Gives Disinherited Adult Children Hope

The Court of Appeal ruled this week that an adult child should receive £163,000 from her late, estranged mother’s estate in the landmark case of Ilott v Mitson. Melita Jackson died in 2004 and [...]

Where There’s a Will There Isn’t Always a Way

Tinuola Aregbesola is locked in a legal battle with Barclays Bank over a dispute about her late father’s will in which he left her half of his London home, worth £800,000. In 2007 Ebenezer [...]

Animal Charities Celebrate Historic Decision

An inheritance dispute decided in the Court of Appeal on 9th June means that 7 animal welfare charities will receive around £300,000 – money that, just a year ago, was awarded to the [...]

The Estate That Jack Built – Millionaire Widow Claims More Money From Her Late Husband’s Estate

The recent high profile case of Dellal v Dellal concerns Ruanne Dellal, the widow of the millionaire property dealer, Jack Dellal, making a claim against his estate under the Inheritance [...]

Sing Whilst You’re Winning – Opera Singer Son Follows His Dream by Securing University Fees From Father’s Estate

The recent case of Taylor v Bell & Anor 2015 shows that the court has unfettered discretion when it comes to varying orders that have already been agreed between the parties in Inheritance [...]

‘Cowshed Cinderella’ Wins £1.3 Million from Parents

A farmer’s daughter dubbed the ‘Cowshed Cinderella’ has been awarded £1.3 million in damages from her parents after a court agreed that she had a beneficial interest in her parents’ farm. Eirian [...]