Caring aunt wins triple victory and celebrates the battling skills of her solicitors

An Aunt who had been massively let down by her Local Authority is celebrating a triple victory. After taking on the care of her nephew, at the local authority’s request she got no financial [...]

The Dense Fog of Human Rights Costs!

The recent decisions in Re: H (A minor) v Northamptonshire CC 2017 and Re CZ (Human Rights Claim: Costs) 2017 [...]

Grandparents hit jackpot after Christmas shock

On Christmas Eve 2015, *Joan and Harry Castle’s life was turned upside down (not their real names*). After receiving a call from a Social Worker asking them to take care of their grandchildren, [...]

Baby taken from formula milk comment dad”!

A claim brought by Ridley & Hall for damages under the Human Rights Act has made the national headlines. The BBC reported the case under the headline “Baby taken from formula milk comment [...]

Bradford has questions to answer to Foster and Kinship carers!

Following the story published in the Bradford paper, Telegraph & Argus in January, Nigel Priestley shows the effect this is having on people’s lives. The worry is that other [...]

Free Kinship Carers Training Event

Ridley & Hall are pleased to announce that we are offering a completely free training session for kinship carers at our offices on Tuesday 11th October. Ridley & Hall specialise in acting [...]

A family from Dublin turned to Adoption Law Specialists

A family from Dublin turned to adoption law specialists, Ridley & Hall Solicitors when they found that they were unable to continue caring for their son. They had moved to Ireland to get the [...]

Separation and How the Courts Treat Dance

As a mum of a 12 year old dancer, I know just how much work goes into dancing both by the children, and also by the parents. I stop short of calling myself a “dance mum” for fear of evoking [...]

Fairy Tale Ending for West Yorkshire Grandma!

A West Yorkshire grandmother is celebrating receiving a back payment of over £110,000 this week from a local authority. The grandmother who cannot be named for legal reasons began caring for her [...]

Shared Residence of the Children

Should we share care of the children? This is a question I hear more frequently now as a family lawyer than I did say 10 years ago. Shared care does seem to be something that a lot of couples are [...]

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