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How can the law protect you from Domestic Violence and Abuse?

We can represent you in applications for; Non-Molestation Orders–These orders prohibit someone from being violent or threatening violence against you or your child. It also includes intimidation, [...]

What is Coercive Control?

In 2015 The Home Office Statutory Guidance issued a guidance framework which helps us to understand what constitutes coercive controlling behaviour which includes but is not limited to; Isolating [...]

What is Domestic Abuse?

The Government defines domestic violence as “Any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) between adults who are or have been [...]

How much will a pre or post nuptial Agreement cost?

The costs of preparing a prenuptial agreement depend on the complexity of the financial arrangements and the length of the negotiations. If you have decided to enter into a prenuptial agreement, [...]

Are Pre or post nuptial agreements binding?

They are NOT legally binding but the Court will try to impose the terms of a pre or post nuptial agreement if it was prepared in the right way and is fair and reasonable in the circumstances. The [...]

Why do I need a pre or post nuptial agreement?

Are you getting married for the first time and bringing assets or significant income into the marriage? If this is your second marriage, do you want to protect the financial settlement you [...]

What can be included in a pre or post nuptial agreement?

The agreement can deal with the division of assets and income and outline how these should be dealt with if you were to get divorced. It can also set out how your assets are to be held during [...]

What does it cost?

Legal Aid is very rarely available for applications to the Court for Child Arrangement Orders, unless one of the parents (or in some cases the children themselves) are the victims of domestic [...]