Wills – Reforming the law for the Twenty-First Century

Much of the law that applies to wills in this country was made in 1837.  Time for a review perhaps?  The Law Commission certainly thinks so. On 13 July, the Commission outlined proposals to [...]

The agony of child on parent violence

Crises seem to happen when I go to a wedding! One of the solicitors in my team was getting married. Sue and I were on our way to the venue but the call of a coffee at a specialist food shop was [...]

Battling grandad makes Kirklees pay

In July 2012, Mr Jones was given an ultimatum by Social Services: “If you can’t care for your grandson, he will be placed outside of the family in foster care”. Mr Jones’s life was turned upside [...]

Victorious grandad says: ‘I feel like a millionaire’

Mr Thompson loved spending time with his grandchildren James and Ellie. He was a single grandfather but always made sure that he made time for the children and saw them regularly. He was a normal [...]

Should I Buy My Freehold?

Kirklees and Calderdale are renowned for having a number of properties held on long-term leases. Here are a few Questions and Answers to help you decide whether or not to purchase the freehold: [...]