Flood Misery for Home Owners

House purchases are falling through in flood zone areas because buyers are unable to arrange buildings insurance. Many lenders require evidence that buildings insurance is in place before [...]

The Trips and Traps of DIY Probate

With the UK economy still being far from flourishing, virtually everyone is looking to save money, with legal services being one area identified as being potentially expendable. So when a [...]

My Property is Unregistered – Should I Worry?

Some time ago it became compulsory to register a transfer of ownership of property – in this area the trigger date was in the early 1970’s.  Therefore, property that has been sold subsequently is [...]

What Will Happen to My Pension When I Divorce

When a marriage breaks down pension is treated as an important matrimonial asset the value of which should be shared fairly between the separating couple. Where parties have been in a long [...]

When is a Gift not a Gift? Undue Influence and Lifetime Giving

Your mother dies, and you find out that your brother has been ‘given’ tens of thousands of pounds by her in the last months of her life. What can you do? The legal concept of “undue influence” [...]

Making “Bad” Decisions: Capacity and the Court of Protection

Think about some of the really important decisions that you have made throughout your life.  Have they all been really sensible and thought through?  Have you ever regretted a choice that you [...]

Ridley and Hall Supports Dementia Awareness Week 2016

Ridley & Hall is proud to support Dementia Awareness Week 2016 (15th – 21st May) which is to encourage people who are worried about dementia to confront their worries by addressing [...]