The Shocking Face of Financial Abuse – a Hidden Problem Across the UK

The scale of the financial abuse of older people across the UK is becoming apparent, from recently published figures. Cases are on the rise, still under-reported and more support is needed to [...]

Animal Charities Succeed in Overturning Controversial Deathbed Gift Ruling

Firstly, what is a deathbed gift? A deathbed gift is a gift made by someone who expects to die very shortly, taking full effect only when that person dies. On death, the gift passes directly to [...]

Deprivation of Liberty Case Puts More Stress on Local Authorities

A recent case has highlighted the struggles that local authorities face dealing with cases involving the deprivation of liberty of vulnerable people. The deprivation of liberty safeguards (DoLS) [...]

Animal Charities Celebrate Historic Decision

An inheritance dispute decided in the Court of Appeal on 9th June means that 7 animal welfare charities will receive around £300,000 – money that, just a year ago, was awarded to the [...]

Dementiaville – Facing the Challenges of those Living with Dementia

I doubt there was a dry eye in the house of those who watched Channel 4’s groundbreaking three part series Dementiaville. Seeing the struggle between families desperately trying to bring loved [...]

Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance – Building on Success

Ridley & Hall’s Adam Fletcher, in his role as Chair for Kirklees Dementia Action Alliance (KDAA) reflects upon  the first KDAA anniversary conference held at the Textile Centre in [...]

Huddersfield Lawyers’ tackle the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge for Kirkwood Hospice

Seven member of Ridley & Hall together with friends and family made up a group of 26 people who took on the infamous Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice, the [...]

The Harsh Reality for Some Parents who Adopt Children from Care

The first study of adoption breakdown in Wales has laid bare the horrific experiences of some parents who adopt children from care Commenting, Nigel Priestley, who was a member of the Advisory [...]

Should You, as a Joint Buyer of a Property, Ringfence Your Deposit?

People buying a property together risk losing their investment if they don’t seek legal advice first. Cohabiting couples, friends or siblings purchasing property together have no protection on [...]

Derby City Council Pay Struggling Grandfather £16,500 in Back Dated Payments

A grandfather from Derby has won a substantial amount of back dated monies from his local council after caring for his grandchildren for 14 years. Derby City Council placed four grandchildren in [...]