When adopters know best!

Sometimes a potential solution to a child’s problems can seem blindingly obvious to a parent. Adele’s is one such story. She had been placed with Henry and Jane when she was almost 4 and she had [...]

Nigel Priestley Adoption Specialist Lawyer wins Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year Award 2017

Nigel Priestley Senior Partner at Ridley & Hall Solicitors was awarded Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year at the Yorkshire Legal Awards ceremony in the New Dock Hall in Leeds. Nigel has devoted his [...]

The Challenge of Violent Adopted Children and Adoption Breakdown and Care Courts

The challenges facing adoptive parents have been highlighted by a Report on the Today Programme on Radio 4 on Friday 20th March and by the comments of a judge in Brighton on an adoption breakdown [...]

New year, new start, new life! A remarkable story of Kinship Carers commitment!

Jada Louise is a beautiful child. She’s nearly two. 2015 has so many opportunities for her as she starts her new life in a new country with her new family. Her story might have been very [...]

‘Big Bruv Little Sis’

Nigel Priestley met Alan Johnson the former Labour Cabinet minister in London recently. Mr Johnson has become a patron of the Family Rights Group, a family support organisation of which Mr [...]

Carers Rights Day – update

Look out for Nigel Priestley, Senior Partner at Ridley & Hall Solicitors and founder of Grandparents Legal Centre  on ITV Calendar News tonight at 6pm.

Nigel Priestley Signs Up for Liverpool FC!

Nigel Priestley will be speaking at Anfield on Thursday 5th December as part of the Grandparents Plus regional event in Liverpool. The event is free and will give kinship carers and kinship care [...]

Judge gives grandma the right to challenge Derbyshire County Council’s residence allowance policy

A high court judge has given a 67 year old Derbyshire grandmother permission to challenge a key policy of Derbyshire County Council. The grandmother has been caring for her grandson who is now 13 [...]