Head Injuries and Other Complex Injuries

Serious or Catastrophic injuries are life changing for the victim and their families.  Injuries such as head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, multiple amputations or fractures can be associated with a serious injury.

These types of claims are dealt with very differently to any other accident claim and require careful handling by a legal adviser who has experience of complex injury cases and can give the proper support and advice needed.

Our primary focus is to make sure our clients receive a tailored rehabilitation programme as soon as possible, and in some cases they may need to adapt their home and car or they may need professional care.

Nearly all victims who have suffered serious injuries cannot work and it is common for them to worry about their financial stability.  The team at Ridley & Hall will always fight to take away that worry by requesting interim payments so our clients can concentrate on their recovery.

We have many years’ experience of acting in complex injury cases including head injuries.  If you or any member of your family have suffered serious injuries please contact Sarah Young on 01484 558 838.

Recent Cases
  • Head injuries can appear relatively mild but can have devastating consequences. A client, who fell down a flight of stairs at work, seemed to make a good recovery in many ways. But although he could drive and would appear in normal conversation to be perfectly well, his life was in fact changed forever by the fall. He was not able to return to work because he could not concentrate or problem solve. His personal relationships were affected as he had lost the ability to understand or respond to other people’s feelings. A settlement of £500,000 may seem a lot, but was essential to replace loss of future earnings, care needs and to reflect the pain and suffering that was caused by the injury.
  • A client was involved in what appeared to be a relatively minor accident at work where the person sustained a severe twisting injury to her back. The injury unfortunately led to her developing fibromyalgia and she was unable to pursue her chosen profession in the law. We were able to secure substantial damages which meant she could re-assess her life and retrain.
  • A client sustained a minor head injury and a neck and shoulder injury during an accident at work which left him with orthopaedic injuries and chronic fatigue syndrome. He had to take early retirement from his job. We were able to secure a good settlement which gave him peace of mind for the future.

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What our clients say:

  • The case concluded as hoped.  I was at all times treated with courtesy, consideration and empathy by Sarah Young who was at all times professional yet approachable in all matters relating to a very complex case. I personally thank her on behalf of myself and children for the way she conducted my case which brought great relief and a most satisfactory conclusion and will help us move forward.

  • I can’t thank you enough for the way the claim was handled. After being in the accident, the thought of making a claim seemed like a lengthy and quite daunting procedure to take on, but you were really helpful and communication was brilliant throughout the whole thing. There was never a point where I felt confused or left in the dark about anything that was unfolding with the claim and the way you handled things was amazing! A cyclist who was involved in an accident with a motorist.  Samantha Hirst at Ridley and Hall successfully negotiated a settlement with the motorist’s insurance company.

  • My claim was handled very professionally and dealt with really well and quickly on Sam’s part I appreciate all that Sam and the team did.

  • My first meeting with Sarah  Young was really great. She seemed to care about my situation and gave good advice on what we should expect throughout our case. My case has now come to an end thanks to Sarah. I would highly recommend her services to others in similar situations.

    Wednesday 22nd June 2016

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