Lease Renewals

When a lease to a business tenant runs out, in most cases it simply continues on the old terms until either the landlord serves a notice to end it or the tenant serves a notice asking for a new lease.

These notices must comply with certain requirements and be in a specific form set down by law.

In some cases the tenant has no right to a new lease.

We will check your current lease and advise you which applies to you and what procedure to follow.

In some cases either the landlord or the tenant can apply for an interim rent to be set whilst negotiations continue.

Serving any necessary notice to bring the old lease to an end; preparing and completing the new lease.

We can advise you if you have grounds to object to the tenant having a new lease.

If most of the terms remain the same with only the period of the lease and the rent changing this can often be effected by a short document.

Serving notice requesting a new lease, negotiating the terms and wording of the new lease, dealing with any Stamp Duty Land Tax return and, where appropriate, registering it with the Land Registry.