It’s official – divorces do increase in January

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Christmas is a very difficult time of year for people who are unhappy in a relationship. The incidents of domestic violence rises significantly during that period. The combination of financial pressures, alcohol and spending longer with your spouse or partner can result in more problems than usual.

That said, it can also galvanise action. As family lawyers we do see an increase in the number of enquiries for divorce and separation in January. A survey conducted by a large law firm concluded that their instructions for divorce increased 27% in January 2014. Many see it as the start of a new year, and the start of a new life for their families.

It can be a difficult decision. We often see client’s months, if not years, before they make the decision to separate. Change is difficult, and change in family life can be most difficult of all for people to face. Uncertainty is also a major factor. With two households comes more expense, and finances can be really difficult.

At Ridley & Hall, we know how daunting the process can be. We offer a range of funding options and offer practical sound legal advice. We want this to be about making the best of your future, rather than looking back at your past.

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Vicky Medd

Vicky Medd – Family & Matrimonial