Nigel’s Nutty Nine

At Ridley & Hall we are passionate about helping those who are living with dementia and their carers. A team of nine from Ridley & Hall have come together to participate in the ‘Running [...]

Ridley & Hall is Supporting Dementia Awareness Week

Ridley & Hall is lending its support to people affected by dementia, as part of this year’s Dementia Awareness Week, May 17 to 23. Participants are encouraged to “Do Something New” to mark [...]

The Who and Testamentary Freedom

No, it’s not a song by an ageing rock group! Everyone should at least consider making a Will. There are only limited circumstances where the rules that apply when someone dies without having made [...]

Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

It can be all too easy to overlook your digital assets when thinking about making your will. So, what digital assets might you have? You will almost certainly have some! Here are a few [...]

How to Choose the Right Executors for Your Will

When you die, the executors named in your will take charge of all your money. So it is vital to choose the right people for the job. Jill Waddington, head of Wills & Probate at Ridley & [...]

What Will Happen to My Digital Assets When I Die?

These days, virtually all of us have digital assets; Our expensive iTunes library, for example, or our Facebook feeds and Instagram photos. What will happen to these when we die? Jill Waddington, [...]

The Season of Good Wills!

The Wills and Probate department at Ridley & Hall has just completed another two Will campaigns for charity to bring 2014 to a close. This started with Free Wills Month for the duration of [...]

Free Wills Month – Well Worth It For Charity

The Wills and Probate department at Ridley & Hall is pleased to announce the outcome of another successful Free Wills Month, having raised approximately £73,200 of future income for the Free [...]

The Trips and Traps of DIY Probate

With the UK economy still being far from flourishing, virtually everyone is looking to save money, with legal services being one area identified as being potentially expendable. So when a [...]

Tidying Up Your Affairs

Most of our resolutions may be pretty much forgotten about, but it is still the beginning of a New Year and a good time to take stock of our personal affairs. Use the motivation of the fresh [...]

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