Financial Settlement Forms E

It has been a matter of some news since last Friday that the Ministry of Justice Form E has been miscalculating the total assets of an individual by not including their liabilities thereby making [...]

Domestic Abuse Reports Have Risen 31% in Two Years

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has yesterday announced that reports of domestic abuse have increased by 31% in the last two years. Yesterday’s report states that “in the 12 [...]

All I want for Christmas…

Christmas can be a stressful time for separated parents when arranging contact with the children over the festive period. At Ridley & Hall, we notice that the most difficult discussions [...]

Rise in People Over 60 Getting Divorced

At a time when divorce rates overall are dropping, the divorce rate amongst people over 60 is on the rise. Ridley & Hall looks into this trend of ‘silver splitters’. According to the Office [...]

Big Money Cases are they Really Newsworthy?

There is an expectation of the right to a private and family life under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights, Article 8. Thus when a couple are divorcing and the financial [...]

Divorce Settlement Appeals Allowed by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously in favour of two women who say they were misled as to their ex-husbands’ financial situations and should have their divorce settlements reviewed [...]

Domestic Violence

Our Family Department goes from strength to strength with Vicky Medd, Partner and Head of Family Team obtaining a Resolution specialist accreditation for domestic violence. Vicky already has [...]

Child Maintenance Service – Son of CSA?

The Child Maintenance Service has now taken over from the Child Support Agency in all but some historical cases.  The functions of the CMS are largely similar to those of the CSA, but there has [...]

Ridley & Hall Wins Junior Lawyer Quiz Night for Second Successive Event

On 9th April, Ridley & Hall won a quiz night organised by Halifax Junior Lawyers Division. Helen Jarvis, James Clarkson, Rosie Turner and Laura Proctor represented the firm who were competing [...]