Inheritance Disputes – the Dementia Time Bomb

In the UK some 800,000 people are living with dementia; over 64,000 in our region.  Rising property prices, the baby boom and the wealth of the over 50’s have led to an increase in inheritance [...]

When is a Gift not a Gift? Undue Influence and Lifetime Giving

Your mother dies, and you find out that your brother has been ‘given’ tens of thousands of pounds by her in the last months of her life. What can you do? The legal concept of “undue influence” [...]

‘Repugnant and Callous’ Son Removed as Mother’s Attorney

A court has removed a son as attorney for his elderly mother after he withdrew £117,289.45 of her money to cover his ‘out of pocket expenses’. Within this, he had ‘billed’ his mother at a rate of [...]

Happy Families? Moving in with Mum

Living on your own can be lonely, especially as you grow older. For many families the logical answer is that an elderly parent sells their home and moves in with one of their adult children. But [...]

The Shocking Face of Financial Abuse – a Hidden Problem Across the UK

The scale of the financial abuse of older people across the UK is becoming apparent, from recently published figures. Cases are on the rise, still under-reported and more support is needed to [...]

Animal Charities Celebrate Historic Decision

An inheritance dispute decided in the Court of Appeal on 9th June means that 7 animal welfare charities will receive around £300,000 – money that, just a year ago, was awarded to the [...]

Son Left Elderly Mother in Squalid Home Conditions Whilst Helping Himself to her Savings

A retired security guard officer from Suffolk is facing jail after being convicted of fraud and neglect of his elderly mother. Brian Matthews, 75 is on bail awaiting sentencing on the 20th [...]

Jail for Woman Who Stole Life Savings from Grandmother

A 38 year old woman from York has been jailed by Leeds Crown Court for four years for taking £140,000 of her grandmother’s life savings. Katie Gosley-Shaw used the money, which her grandmother [...]