Defending an estate from a Will challenge

It can come as an enormous shock when a loved one dies, to find that their Will is being challenged.  The initial reaction of most people is that it can’t be possible; that the whole point of [...]

Dispelling the myths of the Court of Protection

It’s a fair assumption that unless you’ve been involved in a case in the Court of Protection, you may never have heard of it. After all, the cases which are heard in the Court of Protection are [...]

Silver Splitters and Will Disputes

A trend of older couples splitting up could see a rise in will disputes, according to Sarah Young, a disputed wills specialist with Ridley & Hall Solicitors. The number of over 60’s divorcing [...]

Court Decides Missing Huddersfield Man is “Presumed Dead “ against family’s wishes

After more than 8 years, a judge in Leeds has decided that Steven Frank Cooper of Golcar, Huddersfield, who went missing in January 2008 must be presumed to have died, despite the opposition of [...]

Inheritance Disputes – the Dementia Time Bomb

In the UK some 800,000 people are living with dementia; over 64,000 in our region.  Rising property prices, the baby boom and the wealth of the over 50’s have led to an increase in inheritance [...]

When is a Gift not a Gift? Undue Influence and Lifetime Giving

Your mother dies, and you find out that your brother has been ‘given’ tens of thousands of pounds by her in the last months of her life. What can you do? The legal concept of “undue influence” [...]

‘Repugnant and Callous’ Son Removed as Mother’s Attorney

A court has removed a son as attorney for his elderly mother after he withdrew £117,289.45 of her money to cover his ‘out of pocket expenses’. Within this, he had ‘billed’ his mother at a rate of [...]

Ridley & Hall Celebrates Double Accreditation

The 2015 Legal 500 rankings have been announced and Ridley & Hall is pleased to be named as the highest ranking law firm in Huddersfield in all the categories it was nominated for, as well as [...]

Happy Families? Moving in with Mum

Living on your own can be lonely, especially as you grow older. For many families the logical answer is that an elderly parent sells their home and moves in with one of their adult children. But [...]

Dying Patient’s Own Wishes Determine ‘Best Interests’ Decision

A judge in the Court of Protection has recently ruled that a mentally ill man should not have his leg amputated against his wishes, even though the decision will bring about his death. A 73 year [...]

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