You’re Never Too Young to Make a Will

As recently announced, Rik Mayall has died intestate (without making a Will). With an estate reputed to be around £1.2million, the inheritance tax to be paid to HMRC on this figure would be in [...]

Ridley & Hall STEP it up by Appointing Victoria Maude

Victoria Maude joins Ridley & Hall from a well-established West Yorkshire practice where she completed her training in 2007 and was later appointed as partner in 2010. Victoria specialises in [...]

Dispelling the Myth of ‘Private Arrangements’

It’s the phone call that every grandparent dreads. “Your daughter can’t look after your grandson. She’s in no fit state and the house is a tip! He can’t stay. If you [...]

Ridley & Hall is Supporting Dementia Awareness Week

Ridley & Hall is lending its support to people affected by dementia, as part of this year’s Dementia Awareness Week, May 17 to 23. Participants are encouraged to “Do Something New” to mark [...]

Settle or Court?

Mr Justice Holman has, in the recent case of Ekaterina v Fields, told the couple that divorce court fights are “awful” and has urged her to try and reach a settlement with her estranged husband. [...]

Adoption Rates in Freefall after Court Ruling Leaves Children Languishing in Unsuitable Homes

The government and the courts have been in conflict over adoption for months. The decision in re B-S (children) [2013] eventually lead to Sir Martin Narey issuing a mythbuster about what the [...]

Heart Surgery Ordered by Court Against a Patient’s Wishes

The Court of Protection in Cardiff has ruled that a woman should have surgery against her wishes. In the case of A Local Health Board and AB [2015] EWCOP 31, the unnamed woman (AB) is autistic [...]

Huddersfield Criterium Cycle Race 2015

We are pleased to announce that the Huddersfield Criterium cycle race will be taking place again on 8th July 2015 and that Ridley & Hall will be hosting another Cycling Soiree. Full [...]

Stoke Gran Wins Battle with Council

A grandmother who has been caring for her grandson since May 2014 without any financial support has finally won her battle with Stoke-on-Trent City Council. The grandmother’s two grandsons were [...]

Adoption Support Fund Made Available From Today

Sally Donovan, adoptive mother of 2, and Hugh Thornberry were on BBC Breakfast this week to talk about the importance of the Adoption Support Fund. A report by Adoption UK in 2012 showed that [...]