Son Left Elderly Mother in Squalid Home Conditions Whilst Helping Himself to her Savings

A retired security guard officer from Suffolk is facing jail after being convicted of fraud and neglect of his elderly mother. Brian Matthews, 75 is on bail awaiting sentencing on the 20th [...]

Legal Aid Available for Mediation

We are really pleased to announce that we have successfully secured a legal aid mediation contract. This means that as from 1st February 2015, we will be able to offer both private and publicly [...]

What Will Happen to My Digital Assets When I Die?

These days, virtually all of us have digital assets; Our expensive iTunes library, for example, or our Facebook feeds and Instagram photos. What will happen to these when we die? Jill Waddington, [...]

Jail for Woman Who Stole Life Savings from Grandmother

A 38 year old woman from York has been jailed by Leeds Crown Court for four years for taking £140,000 of her grandmother’s life savings. Katie Gosley-Shaw used the money, which her grandmother [...]

New year, new start, new life! A remarkable story of Kinship Carers commitment!

Jada Louise is a beautiful child. She’s nearly two. 2015 has so many opportunities for her as she starts her new life in a new country with her new family. Her story might have been very [...]

Left Behind

The Presumption of Death Act 2013 came into force on 1st October 2014, allowing the family of the missing person to settle their estate and dissolve a marriage or civil partnership. Sarah Young [...]

The Season of Good Wills!

The Wills and Probate department at Ridley & Hall has just completed another two Will campaigns for charity to bring 2014 to a close. This started with Free Wills Month for the duration of [...]

Huddersfield Woman Stacey Lawson and Partner Win Custody Battle from Other Side of World

The Huddersfield Daily Examiner news article

Court Settlement to Support Twice Winning Kinship Carer

A court action brought on behalf of two children, aged 4 and 8, has been successfully settled against troubled Rotherham. The action was started in relation to Rotherham’s decision not to provide [...]

Selling or Buying Property at Auction – We Can Help!

If you have a property that maybe you have inherited or own a property that has become a little run down or simply need to achieve a quick sale, placing your property in auction can be an [...]