The Divorce Rate

New figures released by The Marriage Foundation confirm that 39% of couples who marry today will seek a divorce. What is the Divorce Rate? The peak time period for couples who commence divorce [...]

Choose your executors wisely

It is important to choose your executors wisely. It is an executor’s responsibility to deal with the administration of your estate after your death and it is usually recommended you appoint at [...]

The Cost of Family Disputes

The latest “big money” inheritance dispute to hit the headlines involves South Korea’s richest man Samsung Electronics Chairman Lee Kun-hee.  On Friday 1 February he won a court ruling against [...]

Aunt Wins £11,000 from Sefton Council to Care for Children

An aunt from Southport has been paid almost £11,000 from Sefton after she had two children placed with her by the council. Their mother had died and the father was deemed unable to care for them. [...]

Northumberland Grandparent Carers Win £14,000 from County Council

Northumberland County Council have agreed to pay an ongoing weekly allowance and backdated payments for grandparent carers. The grandparents from Blyth were caring for two of their [...]