Grandparents’ hopes dashed

Friday 25 November 2011 When parents separate it can be an extremely emotional time for children.  Having contact with grandparents can help.  Often if there is an acrimonious split, grandparents [...]

Growing number of over-60s seeking divorce

Friday 25 November 2011 An article in The Telegraph shows a growing number of British couples are divorcing in their 60s. Click here Source: The Telegraph, Murray Wardrop 19 Nov 2011

Victory for cohabitees but battle for equal rights far from over

Thursday 24 November 2011 A case that has hit the headlines recently is that of Kernott v Jones.  Mr Kernott and Miss Jones began living together in 1983.  In 1985 they bought a home together [...]

A v Kent County Council

Thursday 17 November 2011 A v kent county council A v kent county council from Ridley & Hall Solicitors View more documents from Ridley & Hall Solicitors. Kent’s council tax payers [...]

Does Nigel Priestley have the X Factor?

Wednesday 16 November 2011 Nigel Priestley with his colleagues Ranjit Uppal and Claire Monkhouse met a surprise co-visitor at Entebbe Airport in Uganda  Alexandra Burke of X Factor fame flew in [...]

Not married – not protected?

Wednesday 16 November 2011 A case in the news recently highlights the brutal but necessary advice that must be given to co-habitees. They must not assume that they will be treated as though they [...]

Cycling in the Dark

Friday 11 November 2011 The days are rapidly getting shorter and this means danger for cyclists. Many cyclists choose not to ride out after the clocks go back for this reason but many have no [...]

Grandparent Carer 3: Kent 0! Grandmother wins 6-year battle with Kent CC

Thursday 10 November 2011 A GRANDMOTHER who has battled for 6 years with Kent County Council to be paid the same rate as a foster carer for looking after her granddaughter, has won her case in [...]

Local grandparents take on Barnsley City Council and win leave to appeal to the High Court.

Tuesday 08 November 2011 This case involves a child who should have been looked after by Barnsley Council but the child and the grandparents were badly let down by them. The local authority made [...]

Children waiting longer for adoption in Kirklees

Thursday 03 November 2011 Huddersfield adoption expert Nigel Priestley comments in the Examiner on the subject of the current adoption situation (page 2) click here

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